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Accomplishments of the STNY Meth Prevention Program


      1. Educated highway department TOM

      2. Educated Summer rec. committee TOM

      3. Provided Town Hall mtg.  TOM

      4. Provided education to Sen. Libousís office

      5. Provided lunch and learn St. Josephís Hospital Elmira

      6. Meant with BC executive Fiala- working more with county, looking into grants- TV and Radio ads.

       7. Spoke to Governors Task Force Committee Meth- Albany

       8. Educated 125 students MEMS

       9. Spoke at CNY Meth program

     10. Spoke at MEHS night- parents

     11. Three referrals to NYSP/UNYRIC-possible labs

     12. One treatment referral

     13. Provided info. to private citizens BC

     14. Fund raiser B-Mets $70.00 raised

15.     Help promote Meth conference Lourdes

16.     Provided info. to EMS/Code officers on how to find local trainings (4 hr. course)

17.     Worked with local stores and corporations to educate of Meth, products used to cook, and provided list of meds. Containing pseudo products.  Educated to current laws.  

18.     Two stores, (gas station stores) were informed by members of the coalition that cold meds. containing pseudo needed to be behind the counter.  One corporation removed all items containing pseudo from their stores, the other I am checking on currently.

19.     Spoke with Mayor Lewis JC for Town Hall mtg. and possibly highway crew.

20.     Working with Village of Endicott for Town Hall Mtg.  Village of Endicott, (re: Chief Cox) will no longer participate in the Meth coalition and the Town Hall mtg. is CANCELLED

21.     Speaking with Working Village of Owego for Town Hall mtg.

22.     Spoke with Vestal For Town Hall Mtg.

23.     Working with Mayor Ryan for Town Hall Mtg.  Town Hall mtg. is Thursday Feb. 15,2007.  Mtg. CANCELLED due to snowstorm.  New date confirmed - March 13, 2007 at 6:30pm City Chambers

24.     National night out-answered questions and provided information

25.     Provided information to CNYADA committee re: Meth program

26.     Established the Southern Tier of NY Meth Prevention Program website at

27.     Met with Assemblywoman Lupardo and Senator Libousís office requesting new legislation in the state.  Bills to be considered would include a Meth Registry and to look at when a house/dwelling becomes habitable after a Meth lab.



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