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A. To Establish and Provide a Community Awareness Program

1.  To provide Community Education about the dangers of Methamphetamine use and production.

            Activities a) Inform the community-at-large about the STNY Methamphetamine Program

                          b) Develop and provide a public awareness campaign to include informational and media outreach (newspaper, television, radio).

c) Acquire prepared materials (NDIC, ONDCP, DEA, and OASAS) for local distribution.

d) Assist the ADEPT program at Lourdes

2.  To provide / arrange training for local educators, as well as school-based community education.

Activitiesa) Encourage, provide and / or arrange for the training of school personnel.

      3.  To provide / arrange for the training of local prosecutors, public defenders and attorneys

Activities a) Maintain involvement of local prosecutors, defenders and attorneys in the Task Force and Community Awareness activities

                           b) Network with New York State Prosecutors Training Institute to explore further   education options and activities

 4. To provide education on effective Drug Testing

Activities- a) provide education to employers, schools, and organizations on drug testing

 B.   To Encourage the Development of a Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Program

1.      To assist and support the local CPS/DSS with the development of a DEC Program.


Activities a) Promote First Responder trainings to local Child Protective caseworkers, and    other personnel of local Department of Social Services.

                     b) Assist and support local CPS/DSS with the development of DEC Program.  Provide information about existing DEC Meth Programs to result in the planning of appropriate activities to address Methamphetamine labs involving children in the Southern Tier of New York.

                            c) Assist DSS/CPS with working with the HAZMAT team and                       medical team.

 C.   To Establish and Provide a Retailer Meth Watch Program in the Southern Tier of NY       

 1.   To increase awareness and education. Target local businesses regarding Meth precursors and how to deal with Meth users.

 Activities - a) Educate local business owners and managers about the importance of methamphetamine prevention training to employees

                           b) Arrange to provide training sessions to local business employees

  1. To provide Meth Watch materials to targeted businesses.

 Activities a) Provide or arrange for the provision of precursor fliers, Meth Watch retailer “tags” and other related materials to businesses that retail common items utilized in the production of methamphetamine

      3.  To train and encourage local businesses to complete the Suspicious Activity Report Forms and submit to UNYRIC.

           Activities - a) Inform and educate of the importance of submitting Suspicious Activity Reports

 D.  To Encourage Agricultural “Meth Watch Program” Activities

1.  To Assist with educating the farming community about methamphetamine production.


Activities - a) Support the Cornell Cooperative Extension and State Farm Bureau with their provision of activities, programs and materials provided to agri-businesses and farmers 

                                                                           b) Encourage the continued education of farmers and neighbors in rural communities

2.  To assist with efforts to increase positive relations between farmers and law enforcement.

            Activities - a) Encourage face-to-face contact, developed relationships, and good public relations between farmers/agri-businesses and law enforcement

      F.  To Encourage the Involvement of Meth Treatment Providers 

      1.  To assist and support the local treatment providers with their provision of services.

        Activities - a) Promote networking and involvement of treatment providers in the Southern Tier of New York Methamphetamine Prevention Program.

                             b) Insure Task Force members’ awareness of the treatment provider’s perspective. Support and assist with provision of treatment services. 

          c) Assist with starting Meth Anonymous groups in the three counties

          d) Assist STAP with promotion of their Syringe exchange program

     G. To promote the Clandestine Laboratory Response Program in the    Southern Tier of NY

      1.   To support the collecting and compiling of Suspicious Activity Reports and Identified Materials/Lab Data.

Activities    a) Encourage the community-at-large to submit suspicious activity reports            

2. To encourage Precursors/Lab Identification/Response Training for all First Responders.

Activities - a) Compile list of trainings offered by all entities (i.e., NYS Fire, NYSOASAS, NYSDOH, DEA, NYSP)

                    b) Provide precursors list fliers and other educational materials to various first responders

                    c) Encourage in-service trainings to local police departments, to local fire departments, and all other responders

                          d) Become involved in the identification of and accessing of funds to support training 


3.     To provide any assistance/support to the DEA with its role of arranging Lab Clean-ups

Activities - a) Provide education about the clean-up process to encourage continuity of lab’ “clean-up” company

                               b) Circulate a written protocol to first responders to increase awareness of process

       4.  To provide any assistance/support to the Lab Clean-Up Company.

            Activities - a) Provide information about the activities and process followed by the contracted lab “clean-up” company.

    G.  To Increase Knowledge about Existing Legislation and Policies That Affect    the Production and Use of Methamphetamines

1.      To increase community awareness about existing legislation in New York State and throughout the country.

2.      Ascertain any need for enhanced legislation to address methamphetamine production and use in New York State.

3.     Establish networking relationships with local legislators.

    H.     Serve as a Pilot Model Program for New York State

1.      Share information about the STNY Methamphetamine Prevention Program to encourage similar initiatives.  



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