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"Meth Prevention"

Posted: 6/26/2006 7:03:50 PM

The Binghamton Mets have teamed up with the Southern Tier of New York Methamphetamine Prevention Program to help it get non-profit status.

NewsChannel 34's Peter Quinn shows what that would mean for the fight against meth in our area and how you can be a part of it.

So far this year Broome County leads the state in meth labs busted. The scary thing is that for every lab, there are a lot more people out there using the drug.

Ellen Vachon says, “What I find is that if you don't have explosions, or if you don't have a meth bust, people think it's not a problem, or it's not here, or they have solved that problem. But, what you are looking at is that only 20 percent of the meth in the country is actually made here, 80 percent is actually brought in from cartels. So, you still need to look at your people in the neighborhoods using meth.”

People, who after using it just once become addicted, and often become paranoid, violent, and stop caring for their kids because all they want is their next high. While police are working to curb the growing trend, Doctor Ellen Vachon is working to educate communities about the drug so they know what to keep an eye out for. She's arranged with the B-Mets to get part of the ticket profits for an upcoming game in July when the tickets are bought at certain locations. That money will then be used to help get the Meth Prevention Program not for profit status.

Vachon says, “We're looking to get non-profit so we can apply for grants at a national level. At that point we'll be able to do more public free speakings, more advertisements.”

It would also help give the program a louder voice in politics, which could help lead to a meth offender registry database so you could find out if a possible meth addict lives near you. Tennessee has a database like that and Vachon wants one here. Back to the game: it will be Saturday July 15th. In order for your ticket purchase to benefit the meth prevention program it needs to bought at one of the following locations, Rapid Drug Testing Systems in Johnson City, the Southern Tier AIDS Program, Tioga Counsel on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Parkway Wine and Liquor, Park Manor Wine and Liquor, many area schools, or by calling Doctor Vachon at 748-8696. There will also be a lot of information about the drug at the game.

Vachon says, “We'll have information at the game talking about meth labs, meth addicts, what to look for, meth signs, all different sorts of flyers that we've had coming into the coalition.”


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