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Special Alert: 1-20-2008
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Southern Tier Meth Prevention Program


Next meeting:  Friday, January 11th, 2008

2:00-3:00 pm, TCASA, Taylor Road, Owego



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Dogs Affected by Meth Labs (NewsChannel 34 Coverage of last Coalition Meeting)

Law enforcers meeting with community leaders today, to discuss the after affects meth lab drug production:

The southern tier meth prevention program heard organization founder dr. Ellen  (vah-"shaan" ) warn about how hard it is to clean-up methamphetamine labs after they are shut down by police.
She says lingering contamination is not only a danger to humans, but can also be a problem in handling animals which have been exposed to chemicals at illegal meth labs:

“If they've ingested meth either from licking it from tables rugs or if they've been walking in it they might be acting more bazaar or more aggressively. We look at these things and if a tranquilizer might be needed and if we should call a vet.”

If you would like more information on math lab clean you can go to southern tier meth dot com.






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